"I have practiced periodontics for 20 years and I can attest to Dr. Allen Prevette having the skill and ability to deliver dental care at the highest level for his patients. It is a privilege to help take care of his patients and see how happy they are with he and his staff. I am completely comfortable sending my family and friends to Dr. Prevette for their own dental care."

Richard E. Offutt Jr. DDS PA

"There aren't many people in the world today that really care about their patients and friends. You are one of those special people and I shall never forget your caring attitude. Thank you. "

John Kreighbaum
President and CEO Carolina Premier Bank

"The beauty of a bright, natural smile conveys health and confidence. Knowing that you not only look great but that your mouth likely be healthy for many years to come is the achievement of excellence in dentistry. I can say enthusiastically, that the patients of Dr. Allen Prevette benefit from high standards in their dental care. Combining exceptional esthetic judgement that brings bright smiles to life, with precise technical skills to create healthy, long lasting restoration of teeth; Dr. Allen Prevette provides and enviable level of care to all of his patients."

Albert L. Kelling DDS


Not Wanting To See The Dentist:

"I had delayed going to the dentist because it is the dentist and who wants to go? Dr. Prevette had heard me talking about my tooth at his son's football practice and came over to me and talked me into letting him see inside my mouth, he told me I really needed to see a dentist about the filling that had come out taking some of my tooth with it. I did not want to go through root work and crowns, but Allen made comfortable enough to see him in the morning. Dr. Prevette opened up a morning appointment and soon as I came in, I felt at ease with the staff and Dr. Prevette. I felt no pain and his work ethic is outstanding and is the same in his staff. I will have no problem going to the dentist on a regular basis now. Thanks Allen!"


Excellent Dentist/ Great Staff: 

"After seeing a hole in my tooth and realizing it was time to kick my old dentist to the curb, I followed a friend's advice and visited Dr. Prevette. The entire experience was outstanding; from the receptionist finding a way to get me in the same day I called, the pain free experience of getting a crown, to the hygienist who did not yell at me for the 4 years of dental neglect. I've had tons of shots of pain killer over the years and it's usually the worst part of the visit. However Dr. Prevette was like a magician and the shot was pain free as well. 

I highly recommend Dr. Prevette for any dental related needs you may have."

Andy G.

Best Dental Experience: 

"Never being a fan dental experiences, I was apprehensive when hearing the news i needed a crown. I was new to the area and a friend recommended Dr.  Prevette. He and his staff were very professional and reduced my stress level a great deal. Will I return? Definitely! I suggest that everyone give him the opportunity to care for their dental needs."


Very Professional!:

"I have never liked going to the dentist but needed a crown.  Dr.Prevette  was recommended by a colleague. I was cared for by a very professional staff and received a pain free crown that feels just like my natural tooth. I highly recommend Dr. Prevette."


Highly Recommended: 

"I was provided with a custom teeth whitening solution that I am very happy with.  Dr. Prevette is a great dentist in general and I am very happy to recommend his office to my friends and family."


An Excellent Dentist:

"I just had a cavity filled by Dr. Prevette and he made the experience quite painless. He is a really nice guy. I have been a patient of Dr. Prevette's for the past 5 years, and although I have moved to Fort Mill, I still make the drive to see him for my dental needs. He is that good!"

Mr. David

A Wonderful Job!: 

"I was really impressed with the work Dr. Prevette did on my new bridge. My smile looks so natural! I believe he is one of the best restorative dentists in Charlotte!

Richard P.

Wonderful Dentist:

"Dr. Prevette is one of the nicest, most professional dentist that I have ever been a patient of. I am not surprised at what these other reviewers have said. I have been going to this dentist for about 4 years and haven't lived in Charlotte for the last 2 of those years. When I make trips home to see my family and friends, I call the office and his staff have always been accommodating and able to fit me in for cleanings, x-rays, etc.., on the specific days for which I am in town. Dr. Prevette has never told me I needed any work done that wasn't necessary. In fact, he has told me that I will eventually need a crown on one of my teeth with a large filling, but said it would be fine for several months even years depending on things like chewing on ice and hard candies.

I would and have highly recommended Dr.Prevette to all of my friends and family."

Breezy D.

Passing On A Compliment:

"So many times we go through our day and don't recognize good stuff, and I'm trying to be more conscious of things when I notice them. Becky was great! First time with her, I think. Systematic, thorough and confident. Sometimes I sit there wondering if they ever miss anything; but she had a very systematic flow to what she was doing, it gave me a sense of confidence that I was getting a great service done. Very noticeable so I thought I'd pass it on."

Kenny J.

Top Quality Treatment:

I am 45 yrs old and all my life have had poor dental hygiene. I have been with Dr. Prevette for the last 7 yrs and now I have an absolutely fabulous smile and feel 10000% better about myself. My son and I always get top quality treatment from Dr. Prevette and his staff. The office is always clean and has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Spunky S.